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An Urgent Pissing

2015-Oct-11 - Glacias gets what he came for...

Glacias gets what he came for
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2017-Nov-13 - BOBBY...18 y.o., SCHOOL BOY



BOBBY at Groping Hands

18 y.o., SCHOOL BOY

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2016-Mar-16 - He then continues his oral overtures by rimming Tony's gorgeous ass. They flip and Tony takes his turn burying his face in Hugo's ass. But Hugo wants cock and...

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At, Robert Hughes is being unusually obedient

His desperation to get into the military college means he must do whatever the stern woman commands. But under the guise of a medical examination Ms Gloria is taking advantage of him in ways that will change him forever...

Tony D & Hugo Gobi BareBang

Hugo and Tony are on the couch - Tony's cock is hard just sitting next to Hugo. So Hugo does the only manners thing and takes it out of his shorts and deep throats it. Hugo is an excellent cocksucker and Tony is soon moaning with pleasure...

Officer Stevens and The Masked Burglar - Nowhere to Run. Dayton O'Connor gets zapped and fucked by nasty police officer

Officer Stevens just found a masked burglar, Dayton O'Connor, breaking into someone's home. After a long pursuit, the criminal has no where else to go. Officer Stevens throws Dayton in cuffs and investigates his belongings. Upon finding all of Dayton's BDSM gear, Officer Stevens decides to teach this perp a lesson. He makes Dayton suck his cock before tying him up with his hands above his head...
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2016-Feb-15 - Jordan pulls out Adam?s perfect cock and goes down on him then pulls out his own giant dick. Adam sucks Logan?s cock...
On The Lookout Episode 2: Beautiful Day

Logan Moore sees Adam Ramzi parking his bike outside his window and doesn?t take much encouragement for Adam to dash up the steps and get it on. Jordan pulls out Adam?s perfect cock and goes down on him then pulls out his own giant dick. Adam sucks Logan?s cock then bends over the railing so Logan can fuck him right there on the stairs...
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Sex with cumshot on glasses

This cute coed looks so strict and nerdy in her eyeglasses, but as it   turns out she is quite a naughty babe who doesn?t mind getting some   strange. She can play shy all she wants, but the guy she just met in a   local cafe knows she ain?t nothing but a cock-hungry slut ready to   spread her young welcoming pussy for a handsome stranger. Watch her as   she gets licked and fucked on a table and takes a messy cumshot right on   her eyeglasses...


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Micah Brandt. Muscled hunk Micah Brandt edged in bondage for the first time before receiving post-orgasmic torment!

Micah Brandt has been watching Kink Men for years and says that he gets turned on because he's never done it before. Though he's edged himself in his personal life he's never been bound and been edged by another. We start with him tied up to the bed post while balancing on a stack of books. Jessie Colter tears Micah's underwear off with his teeth and plays with the ripped stud's pre-cum. In no time at all Micah gets pissed off by the teasing and sensory deprivation...
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porn videos
free, porn,videos,gays, BDSM
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2015-Dec-19 - These boys switch a few times; including once when Jaxon gets David on his knees and practically destroys his bubble ass from behind before pulling out and cumming all over it!448

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Fuck talking, just Fuck

No need to speak. These two are so turned on by each other that the cameraman can?t press play quickly enough, David and Jaxon are already making out and groping each other. David begins kissing on Jaxon?s chest while his right hand works to release his cock from the confines of his jeans and boxers shorts. David is sucks on Jaxon?s cock and licks all over his juicy balls. Jaxon?s prick grows with all the wet attention David is giving it. Jaxon doesn?t let David?s cock stay dry, he plops it in his mouth and gets just as wet and hard as his own...
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free, porn,videos,gays, BDSM
free, porn,videos,gays, BDSM,brutal,twinks
Mr Herst torments and fucks slave #860 locked in chastity. A bound stud in chastity worships his master's leather before he's tormented, fucked, and covered in cum

House dom Adam Herst awaits on his throne as slave #860 crawls towards him. Mr Herst inspects the boy and reveals his cock and balls locked in chastity. 860 has his ass cropped before having the metal hook shoved up his hole. The muscled dom orders his slave to worship his leather, starting from his boot all the way up to his cock. After swallowing Mr Herst's cock, 860 takes his master's cock from behind...
Marcelo Mastro Bangs Tony D


Marcelo and Tony are checking out some porn on Tony's laptop. It naturally gets them horny so they both whip out their big cocks. Marcelo chows down on Tony's thick pole and then lubes up his hole with his tongue. The tight ass is just waiting to take the full force of Marcelo's fat cock and he manages to ride that beefy monster like a rodeo cowboy!


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